The cornerstone of Suburbia Rising is an intensive but friendly educational multi-part workshop for “newbie” activists distressed by the state of the world but unsure how to get involved. Rooted in an anti-oppression framework and designed to give participants a working knowledge of systemic injustice and a basic toolkit, this program moves its attendees from good intentions to competent, effective actions. Our goal is to remove the barriers and excuses to civic engagement and truly inclusive organizing.

Suburbia Rising is also developing stand-alone trainings and workshops for existing community groups looking to become more effective and inclusive. We will soon begin “beta-testing” curriculum on Anti-Oppression for Activists, Deep Motivation/Radical Self-Care, and Being a Better Ally. We also encourage interested groups to check out the Bystander Training and Self Defense Trainings offered by our friends at WA Initiative.

Finally, for individual activists and community leaders, Suburbia Rising also offers targeted one-on-one coaching and guidance. Whether it’s a matter of engaging a challenging demographic, launching a new initiative, dealing with difficult people or any number of concerns that can arise in community organizing, we’re here to help.