Stories of Self & Solidarity officially kicked off with a self-titled event on November 19, 2017, bringing our community together for a multicultural storytelling event exploring themes of I/me and us/we. A true community effort, we were backed by a grant from the Edmonds Diversity Commission, support from the Sno-Isle Libraries, and donations of time, labor and materials from local businesses and individuals. Our trio of world-class storytellers, Roger Fernandes, Eva Abram and Allison Cox, took us around the world with tales from Native American traditions, the African diaspora and European and Celtic folktales–all highlighting the common themes of community and identity.

Our next project, a public screening of Black Girl in Suburbia and Moderated Discussion featuring filmmaker Melissa Lowery, furthered our commitment to community building through sharing stories of self with the goal of building solidarity. The Edmonds School District and Edmonds Diversity Commission backed our production and helped us amplify voices that have traditionally not been heard.

When is the next screening of Black Girl in Suburbia?

We are currently working with individual schools within the Edmonds District to create small teach-in events around the Black Girl in Suburbia film. Please reach out to us if you would like to bring the film and a moderated discussion to your school.

For larger, public screenings, please contact Melissa Lowery directly via her website, BlackGirlInSuburbia.com.

What else is Stories of Self and Solidarity producing?

Stories of Self & Solidarity is working toward a public event celebrating African-American storytelling for Black History Month. We are also working to develop an ongoing, local series highlighting individual stories that help us develop cross-cultural understanding and support within our larger community. If you would like to share your story with us, or let us know about a project we might want to collaborate on, please reach out and get in touch!

You can also find us on our Facebook Page