How do I know if your training is right for me and how do I bring your trainings to my group?

If you’re part of–or willing to create–a small group that’s ready to start getting active, Suburbia Rising’s From Idea to Action is a good fit for you. Our workshops are designed for a group of about 15-25 people. If you’re an individual, feel free to reach out to us and we can try to connect you with others in your area to start recruiting a group. You can keep in touch with us and be the first to know about stand-alone workshops by liking and following our Facebook page, or signing up for our email newsletters (we never sell or trade mailing lists, and won’t flood your inbox).

Are your workshops/trainings free?

The work we do requires intensive emotional and mental preparation and labor, so we do charge for our time and expertise. Our in depth, multi-part workshops are billed a flat, group rate; stand-alone workshops can be priced per attendee with tickets sold ahead of time or at the door; and one-on-one coaching is billed at an hourly rate. Please contact us for more detailed pricing based on your needs. We do provide some pay-it-forward service scholarships. Our scholarships require up front community service to demonstrate intent, and require a pledge to continue and expand service after training. We do not want financial hardship to be a barrier to education, so please do reach out if you are interested in obtaining a scholarship or able to fund additional scholarships for those in need.

Can you modify your workshop to fit our interests/schedule?

We do have the flexibility to make sure our teachings resonate with the population we’re serving, and we will work with you to create a schedule that fits your group. Our curriculum is not set in stone, however, we are more likely to be able to add-on than to remove portions. As an example, if your group is focused on climate change, we can add case studies and tactics favored by environmentalists to our syllabus. But, we won’t remove our anti-oppression framework from the introduction to activism since that deep understanding is an important part of systemic change.

Is this just feel-good activism and hand-holding?

Suburbia Rising is intentionally working to start people on the road to lifelong activism, which means, yes, we do want our participants to feel good and sometimes that means holding a hand as we set off into uncomfortable territory. However, we are also teaching and committing to real, measurable, sustained systemic changes–and our participants exit our workshops with the skills and resources to do the same. We expect our participants to be challenged and even upset at times during our work; growing requires effort and labor, not just good intentions. Suburbia Rising is a solid first step, way beyond the platitudes and talk-only diversity trainings about celebrating difference. This is an action-oriented curriculum where our empathy partners with accountability and follow-through.